ASPR TRACIE Webinar: September, 2017

CLICK HERE to view the informational flyer. This webinar will highlight new tools and templates aimed at helping HCCs in their preparedness efforts. ASPR TRACIE is working closely with the National Healthcare Preparedness Programs (NHPP) in developing these tools and templates. This webinar will feature Melissa Harvey and Dr. John Hick discussing the development and potential uses of the first set of resources from ASPR TRACIE to include:

  • Health Care Coalition Preparedness Plan and HCC Response Plan Templates- These templates provide general headers and descriptions for a sample HCC Preparedness Plan and HCC Response Plan as required in the 2017-2022 Healthcare Preparedness and Response Capabilities. They highlight sample plans that were sent to ASPR TRACIE from HCCs across the country.
  • Health Care Coalition Resource and Gap Analysis Tool- This tool is designed to assist the HCC partners develop a common understanding of their resources and existing gaps, and strategies for prioritizing which gaps to close. Gaps may include inadequate plans or procedures, staffing, equipment and supplies, skills and expertise, and/or services. HCCs are encouraged to modify the template to reflect their coalition members, resources, and unique community attributes. A companion HCC Aggregator Tool is under development.
  • Health Care Coalition Pandemic Checklist- This planning tool is intended to assist HCCs and their partners in assessing their preparedness for a pandemic. It may also be used as a pandemic begins to orient the response. It assumes that the HCC has already conducted a gap and resource analysis that may have identified some of the issues listed in this document.
  • ASPR TRACIE Hospital Disaster Pharmacy Calculator- This calculator allows hospitals to estimate whether they have adequate supplies of medications for a disaster in stock. The user inputs facility details and, based on the medication category and type, the calculator compares the amount of medications available to an estimate of those needed for 48 hours per patient and determines whether the hospital has a surplus or deficit in specific categories.


  • Melissa Harvey, RN, MSPH, Director, National Healthcare Preparedness Programs, HHS ASPR
  • John Hick, MD, HHS ASPR and Hennepin County Medical Center


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