‘Prepare Yourself’ — Essential Information on Disaster Preparedness

The Department of Health’s Prepare Yourself webpage states that our best defense against disasters and other threats is to have a well-informed and prepared public. The information and links found at Prepare Yourself provide important information on what to do before, during and after public health emergencies.

The webpage provides information on General Emergency Preparedness when disasters strike, including a step-by-step Emergency Preparedness Guide, which features supply checklists and a general directory of emergency services. There is even a section of the webpage that provides information about Healthy Emergency Food.

Disaster Preparedness Guides for Individuals Who May Have Special Needs

Perhaps most importantly, Prepare Yourself provides a specific disaster preparedness guide for individuals who may have special needs. The guide contains information on the following:

  • Disaster Preparedness for Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer’s
  • Disaster Preparedness Sheltering for Families of Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Disaster Preparedness for Persons with Cancer
  • Disaster Preparedness for Persons on Dialysis
  • Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Persons who are Electric Dependent
  • Disaster Preparedness for Persons with Epilepsy
  • Preparedness instructions and tips for pregnant women and new parents
  • Respiratory Disaster Planning Information and Guide

Link: http://www.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/emergency-preparedness-and-response/prepare-yourself/index.html